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ZhenHuaXing is mainly engaged in high-end intelligent visual inspection system 2D/3D-AOI, 3D automatic solder paste inspection 3D-SPI, intelligent laser application (laser engraving and cutting) and sophisticated semiconductor parts detection and so on. Products are widely used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, aerospace, medical electronics, semiconductors, new energy, and other fields


  • Detection after printing
  • Detection after mounting
  • Post plug-in detection
  • Post wave soldering quality...
  • Inspection after reflow oven
  • Semiconductor component detection

With the development of higher density, smaller size, and more complex PCB hybrid technology for electronic assembly, the inspection of post-print quality with the naked eye is a thing of the past...


Due to the miniaturization of components, refinement. Component defects are difficult to repair after soldering. Therefore, AOI before the furnace will become more and more important. It can detect the defects of the SMD component such as offset, wrong parts, missing parts, multiple parts, and reverse polarity...


The electronic plug-in manufacturing process has very strict requirements on the quality of products. For the manufacturing process of hundreds or even thousands of electronic plug-ins per minute, most plug-in production lines are still in labor-intensive production methods, some of which are high-precision...


Due to the characteristics of the wave soldering process, this process is the most likely to cause defects, such as pin short circuit, virtual soldering, missing soldering, and brazing process...


For the SMT production process, the post-furnace AOI has become an indispensable and important member of the SMT production line. The AOI after the furnace is the last gatekeeper of the product, so it is the most widely used AOI at present...


With the continuous development and progress of machine vision technology, the detection technology of machine vision is not only limited to the quality inspection of standardized SMT or DIP process, but has gradually extended to the packaging industry, printing industry, keyboard inspection field, etc...


About us

Zhenhuaxing Intelligent(Shenzhen)Technology Co., LTD.

Zhenhuaxing Intelligent(Shenzhen)Technology Co., LTD is a professional provider of high-end intelligent visual inspection systems (2D&3D-AOI/AVI), solder paste thickness detectors (3D-SPI), semiconductor chip packaging testing, SiP packaging testing, high-precision carrier boards, and other fields for SMT (surface mount technology and PCB printed circuit board industry), Mini LED, new energy (automotive, photovoltaic, energy storage), mobile phone cover glass&shell frames, transparent dispensing, etc A national high-tech enterprise and dual soft enterprise engaged in fine circuit detection at the micron level for glass (splash plating and printing), roll to roll FPC, PI film, laser marking machines, high-precision roll to roll FPC, and glass laser cutting applications.


Company Milestones

  • Team establishment

  • Successfully developed the first domestic AOI, filled the domestic technical gap in China, completely broke the monopoly situation of imported brands.

  • Officially registered iconic brand and market praise, become the first brand in the field of intelligent visual inspection

  • Successfully developed 3D-SPI, which can detect the 3D information of solder paste and red glue with high precision through minimalist programming

  • Based on the background of industry 4.0 intelligent factory, a new generation of vector algorithm AOI is developed, which greatly improves the detection pass-through rate and detection efficiency

  • Launched in PCB, plastic shell, metal and other different materials of laser marking machine, to meet the needs of different products of radium carving

  • Set up R&D centers for different projects in Suzhou, Changzhou and other places in East China

  • The establishment of high-tech research institute in the United States, More and more high-end research and development talents is joining

  • Developed a new high precision, high speed and high performance 3D AOI, Equipment application field continues to expand

  • Zhenhuaxing Intelligence was established, approved the project circuit board detection application AOI, high-precision glass cutting machine has been launched, constantly adapt to the development of new technology detection field

  • Jointly implement the enterprise talent strategic training plan with many well-known universities in China and inject new blood into the technological innovation of Zhenhuaxing

  • In the future, we will strive to be the pioneer of the industry!


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