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LC810 Optical Fiber Laser Marker


A device that uses a fiber laser to encode the barcode or associated information of the product directly on the medium through the laser processing process

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International advanced laser

With laser for high peak power, high pulse energy, spot diameter size options, stable output power, superior beam quality, high efficiency, long life, high precision, no supplies, pollution, etc., to make the device operation more stable reliable.


High-speed galvanometer scanning system

With imported high-speed scanning galvanometer, advanced servo control and efficient photoelectric sensor positioning technology, reliability design, industrial motors and lens coating, fast response speed, high accuracy, low temperature drift coefficient, carving repeat position accuracy advantages.


High-quality field lens

Using the world's finest optical materials with elaborate processing, with one to five optical components, low loss AR coating laser power loss through the lens to the lowest long, fine gathering spot for more subtle application process. 



Smart High-speed CCD Camera with industrial TV Lens,can accurately identify and analyze product features to ensure the accuracy of engraving.

▶Constant digital current control light source, light intensity can be adjusted according to different color products to cope with complex carving.


Barcode carving special software, simple interface, easy to learn

Can be carved Code39、Code128、DataMatrix、QRCode、 Han letter code, Text, Graphics, 

other special bar code can also be customized according to customer requirements


Powerful software Features 

Completely independent research and development of the software system, powerful, simple operation, according to the requirements of different customers customized corresponding different system software interface and from the server to send and receive data, to meet the needs of the production management system personality requirements.


Application fie

Digital products、 Craft gifts、Building materials industry、The advertising industry、 Food industry 、Industrial products 、Other industries (mobile phone shell, MID shell, MP3 shell, power bank, U disk, mobile phone communication components and etc.)



Consumer protection service items usually include "free warranty maintenance", 

"regular return visit", "on-site training", "24-hour appeal response" and other 

categories. We provide customers with the best equipment and perfect fast 

service guarantee with the most sincere attitude.

● The equipment shall be guaranteed free of charge for one year and maintained 

for life from the date of acceptance. The operationcontrol software of the sold 

equipment shall be upgraded free of charge for life to ensure the latest software 

version and optimization of functions.

● Call back and visit customers irregularly, communicate with customers in time 

and improve relevant problems.

● The Customer Service Department shall respond to customer demands within 

24 hours and within 2 hours after receiving them. 

Overseas customers can provide nearby technical services or provide remote 

training and technical support according to actual needs.