On-Line 3D AOI S910


Based on the optical principle of SMT mount parts and solder joints of 3D image data analysis and testing equipment

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On-Line 3D AOI 

Flexible/Multi-function AOI

It can be placed at several quality controlling points in SMT Line to check 2D paste printing quality, inspect component defects before reflow soldering, inspect PCBA quality after reflip soldering and DIP wave soldering.



Integrated excellent detection algorithm, more for IC pin float/toe warping

The unique 3D point cloud reconstruction technology can greatly improve the detection accuracy and detection ability, can effectively cover the 2D detection blind area, 2D is difficult to detect the IC foot, the buoyancy of parts can reach 100% detection rate.



Imported 12-megapixel CoaxPress ultra-fast camera

It adopts a high-resolution industrial lens, supports 189 frames/second acquisition frame rate, can achieve a minimum resolution of 8μm (standard 15μm), has a large FOV WRGB light source, to ensure the efficiency and effect of image acquisition.



High precision control platform

The motion platform adopts the Linear motor, high-speed, stable, no vibration, no noise. With the high precision grating closed-loop feedback system, the movement precision can reach 1um.



Realize 360° digital projection without dead Angle

3D AOI is standard equipped with 4 sets of 1080P digital projection units and based on Mohr fringe N-step phase shift algorithm, which can provide micron level accuracy. Multi - frequency digital fringe projection is realized by software control.



Multi machines one operator, intelligent communication

Central server mode that gathers information from all the test machines to facilitate the integrated management of production, multiple machines need only one operator.



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