Double Conveyor On-Line SPI D860


It is a kind of SMT testing equipment, which adopts double-conveyor multifunctional design mode and calculates the height of solder paste printed on PCB board by triangulation

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Intelligent high-tech double conveyor SPI 

for a series of different configurations and different choices.Personalized and intuitive double conveyor software interface, intuitive display of double conveyor running status.


Double conveyor design

The first conveyor is fixed, the second and the third conveyors are automatically adjustable,the fourth conveyor can adjust manually,The maximum width of the 1-4 Conveyor is 686mm

The double conveyor PCB Size :50×50mm~510×300mm

The Single conveyor PCB Size :50×50mm~510×586mm



Database sharing and statistical functions

All internal SPI are managed via central server, all single machines are in remote control. SPC reports will be generated through collection and analysis of all data to promote process improvement and improve products passing rate.


Comprehensive and detailed SPC analysis system and intelligent MES system docking

SPC is to use statistical methods to control the process of each stage of the process, through the analysis of test information feedback, to promote the improvement of the process, in order to prevent defects.

The operator can intuitively view the comprehensive statistics of the test information through pie chart or bar chart.

Statistics can be output in Html,Excel, or Image formats.



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